We will all be aware of the impact this is having on day to day life both in the UK and across the World.   There is unfortunately a lot of misinformation passing through the web and Social Media.

We are constantly in conversations with Organisers and Professional bodies and it is agreed that ONLY government advise will be followed.  CLICK HERE to access the NHS web pages.

At this stage the following events have been changed as a result of the Virus –

            3rd May 2020 – Shaftesbury Food & Drink Fest POSTPONED until Sunday 4th October 2020

            22-25 May 2020 Chippenham Folk Festival CANCELLED

All weekly Street Food Events at Commercial Parks CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

ALL  OTHER events that we are working with are in a “business as usual” mode.  All events we are working with are going ahead as planned.

Of course dependent on where we are nerare to the time of the event there may be small adaptations made but these will be advised in the run up to the event.

We are looking forward to an excellent Event, Market & Festival Season.   We ask that where you use it, please use social media and the web to talk up any events you are attending.

Please occasionally come back to this page to check on any changes.


Thank You

The Anonymouse Travelling Market