Livening Up Town & City Centres

Music, crafts, food and drink are brought together from an increasing array of specialist makers and providers across the West Country to tempt, tantalise and delight. Seek us out, jiggle to our tunes, tickle your taste buds and let yourself go as you become anonymous.

Set up now in its 11th year, The Anonymous Travelling Market  has grown year on year and now appears at almost 40 events per year. In January 2017 the ATM has been handed over to Steve & Ali Dauwalder who is based in Salisbury. Steve has over 35 years expereince in Retail, Hospitality, Administration and has Directed several events.

If you are an event organiser yourself or are involved in a Local Authority, Chamber or Local BID Scheme and want something a bit different in your area as either a one off or on a regular basis, or you are a trader, producer of crafts, artisan good, quirky goods, or have an interesting food offering or are an amateur musician, please without obligation, contact us.

History –  The Anonymous Travelling Market was set up the ATM in 2009 by Emma & Rae and has  grown it to dozens of successful events throughout the calendar.  Both have decided to move on to new things and in January 2017 handed The ATM over to Steve Dauwalder who has a background in Retail, Hospitality, Administration and Event Organisation.  

Steve has now started to expand the footprint of the ATM and introduce it to a larger audience across the West Country and South of England. A travelling market – How does that work? Our caravan of stalls and entertainers travel from place to place bringing their stallholders in direct contact with the public.

The markets take place in beautiful and unusual spots – a place that’s open to the public that would like a bit more exposure, a High Street that needs jazzing up or an event that needs that ATM razzmatazz. Wherever The Anonymous Travelling Market happens to be it doesn’t stay anonymous for long.

In many areas the Local Farmers Markets have collapsed mainly because of pressures placed on the organisers some of whom may be producers themselves.  The ATM in a lot of areas can fill this void by bringing producers and crafters together creating broad Artisan markets.

Apart from supporting local businesses and the obvious retail benefits the markets are a hub of networking opportunities. Stallholders crawl out of their caverns, socialise, barter and swap information – vital for creatives working from home. Word of mouth is what it’s about.

We believe that we have placed the joy back into Shopping and cultural leisure creating social events where an entire day can be spent perusing the stalls, listening to live music, lunching on street food, guzzling real ale & cider, meeting up with friends, foraging and having FUN. The ATM puts the buzz back into High Streets and creates days in magical places for all the family.